MIPI Cable Extension

 Extension Boards     |      2023-02-11 12:10


- Extend MIPI signal of Camera up to 20 meters by CAT5 ethernet cable, support Raspberry Pi 5M,8M and HQ Cameras.
- THSER101 is a plug-and-play cable extension kit for Raspberry Pi Camera and Computer system. The kit is compatible with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (version 2.1), HQ Camera, and defined modes of the 1.3 RPi Camera Module. THSER101 extends the cable length up to 20 meters from the Camera to the RPi Computer with a regular LAN Cable. The extension capability is driven by THine’s V-by-One® HS technology whose configuration is pre-tuned for easy plug and play installation.There is no need to software set up or coding. THSER101 works as if the Camera were directly connected to the Computer.

- THSER101 supports all of Raspberry Pi Computers including Pi1/3B/3B+/4B, Compute Module1/3/3+/4, Pi Zero & Pi Zero W.

◆ Features

1.Up to 20-meter cable extension
2.Supporting most LAN Cables
3.Plug and Play connection4.
4.No software configuration needed
5.V-by-One® HS Technology

◆ Applications

All Raspberry Pi applications where physical separation of the Camera from the Computer is desirable

◆ Order Information

1.Does MIPI Extension Kit transfer the camera data by Ethernet protocal? Can the Ethernet interface on the kit connect to 10/100/1000 Ethernet?
No, MIPI Extension Kit used ethernet connector and standard non cross CAT5 cable to transfer the camera data, but the data is not ethernet data, the kit can’t communicate with the standard Ethernet port.
The kit convert MIPI signal to CML signal by THINE’s V-by-One HS technology, then the camera data can be transmitted in a long distance.
2. Will the cable quality impact the transmission distance?
Yes, the testing was done on UTP(Unshield Twisted Pair) CAT5e cable, the distance can be extended to 20 meters. If you use the better ethernet cable, such as CAT6 or 7,even Shield Twisted Pair cable, the transmission distance will be longer. We don’t have the testing data for CAT6 & 7 cables. You can try.