Intelligent Wind Power

 Applications     |      2023-03-31 10:35

Intelligent Wind Power

The wind turbine is expensive, and its operating environment is harsh. In the process of operation, it is subjected to the comprehensive action of various loads such as vibration and torsion for a long time, and various components and connecting fasteners between components will be damaged in different degrees. The bolts in each part, especially the blade root bolts, often suffer from bolt tightening reduction or even bolt fracture. If the fault is not found in time, it will lead to equipment accidents of wind turbines, resulting in huge economic losses, and even serious personal injury accidents. According to statistics, every year, serious equipment accidents such as tower toppling and blade falling off will occur due to bolt loosening and fracture.

The wind turbine operation site is usually located in the offshore and remote mountainous areas, so it is difficult, time-consuming and labor-intensive, and even requires downtime for maintenance, which leads to expensive maintenance.

Solutions and Construction Goal:

The bolt monitoring system monitors the bolt state through sensors, calculates the gateway to process the sensor data in time, and collates and analyzes the bolt state. And report the data to the cloud in time. It is convenient to monitor the equipment status in real time.
CM4 Nano Edge Computing Gateway Performance

1. Aata Acquisition:Edge gateway base on MQTT,MODBUS,OPC-UA,REQUEST,CAN,OCPP,XMPP and data collection of custom protocols.
2. Multiple network functions:Support Ethernet, WiFi and 4G, have all-weather and all-environment working ability.
3. Real-time edge computing: integrate edge computing capabilities, acquire and process data faster, reduce the cost of cloud services, reduce traffic loss, and realize security at the hardware level.
The CM4 Nano Edge Computing Gateway is extended from the Raspberry Pi CM4 core board, which supports high processing performance, lot of expansions and AI computing expansion.
◆  ARM A72 1.5Ghz,4 core,64bit
◆  Memory 1/2/4/8GB,eMMC 8/16/32GB
◆  4G/wifi/Ethernet
◆  RS232/RS485/CAN and Many kinds of industrial field protocols support.

The benefits of intelligent monitoring of wind turbine condition:

It takes the industrial Internet of Things and fault diagnosis technology as the core, and provides intelligent state monitoring for wind turbines. It can complete early fault alarm and accurate positioning, and realize maintenance based on the health status of wind turbines and lean operation and maintenance of wind farms. Equipment health management promotes the transformation of site management from passive operation and maintenance to active operation and maintenance. Before equipment downtime, take the initiative to choose the right time for operation and maintenance, so as to reduce equipment downtime and equipment maintenance costs. Improve operation efficiency and planned effectiveness.