Intelligent Building

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Intelligent building
Dalian Infectious Disease Hospital Expansion Project Comprehensive Service Building
1. Under the background of efficiency priority, traditional buildings can't meet people's pursuit of intelligent office, energy saving and environmental protection.

2. In the trend of energy conservation and emission reduction and peak carbon dioxide emissions, the innovation of building management mode is becoming more and more urgent. Building is the main carrier of energy waste, and the energy consumption cost accounts for 30% of the operating cost. Energy conservation and consumption reduction have become the top priority of enterprise management.

3. The traditional building system is discrete, the management resources are wasted, each subsystem works and manages independently, and there is no information exchange between them, which leads to the problem of "isolated island" of information.
Solutions and Construction Goal:
Our goal is to improve the utilization efficiency of resources, build more digital modern office buildings, solve the problem of "isolated island" of information, help customers reduce system redundancy and increase efficiency. We provide an open platform to facilitate access to various systems, so that the platform can be managed and configured in a unified way, and AI analysis and early warning can be provided to help customers improve efficiency, reduce potential safety hazards and "empower" intelligent buildings.
◆ Through the digital twin technology of the project, the intelligent building monitoring and management platform will be built, and the air conditioning, lighting, elevators, power distribution equipment, water supply equipment and internal environment of the building will be scene+digitally transformed to improve the building management level;
◆Relying on the intelligent building monitoring and management platform, through real-time data collection and big data analysis of construction equipment, energy efficiency improvement services are carried out from the aspects of equipment, management and system transformation.
Thinking building:
We provide a big data platform that integrates monitoring and energy management, integrates data of different systems through edge computing systems, reduces the computing load in the cloud, and provides unprecedented low latency and machine learning capabilities for on-site data processing and real-time analysis.


The CM4 Sensing Edge Computing Gateway is extended from the Raspberry Pi CM4 core board, which supports high processing performance, lot of expansions and AI computing expansion.

◆ ARM A72 1.5Ghz,4 core,64bit
◆ Memory 1/2/4/8GB,eMMC 8/16/32GB
◆ 4G/wifi/Ethernet
◆ RS232/RS485/CAN and Many kinds of industrial field protocols support.

Benefits of Smart Buildings:

Intelligent building management system is a new concept and a new model of social management innovation under the new situation. It is a kind of intelligent management mode which is built by making full use of the Internet and the IOT
1.Create a comfortable office and living environment
By applying intelligent technology, intelligent building system creates ecological, environmental and healthy living environment in air system, water system, sound and light system, etc.
2. Save energy
Energy saving, low power consumption and maximum economic and social benefits are not only the goals pursued by intelligent buildings, but also the most important part of them.