Power Supply

 Accessories     |      2018-11-01 11:25
12V 2A Power Supply
Support Raspberry Pi Compute Module IO Board and all of EDATEC’s 12V input computers.
ED-PSU1202 is a single-phase 24 watts, 12V 2A output power supply, which is designed by Kuantech Cooperate and marketed by EDATEC.
ED-PSU1202 offers 4 versions: UK, Europe, Australia & USA by a main body and 4 changeable plugs.

l  Rated input voltage: 100-240Vac
l  Operating range: 90-264Vac
l  Rated input frequency: 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz
l  Rated input current: 0.6A max.
l  Maximum input power: 29.1W
l  Input current (no-loading): ≤25mA
l  Power consumption (no-loading): 0.075W MAX
l  DC output voltage: + 12.0V
l  Minimum load current: 0.0A
l  Rating load current: 2A
l  Rating output power: 24.0W
l  Line regulation: ±5%
l  Ripple and noise: 150 mVp-p
l  Switching efficiency: 86.8% minimum output current from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, 76.8% minimum 10% load
l  Protection: Over-voltage, Short-circuit, Over current
l  Reliability level: 50K hours MTBF @ 25° C (rated input voltage, and using the BELLCORE SR-332 method).
l  DC output voltage must be Safe Extra Low Voltage (SELV) & Limited Power as defined by IEC60950-1
l  Warranty life: All E-Capacitor life must meet 5 years at 25℃ ambient.( 115V/60Hz and 230V/50Hz)
l  The operating temperature: 0~40°C.
l  Output connector: 5.5mm/2.5mm DC plug
l  Regulatory Standard:


1.      Q: How can I know whether 12V/2A power supply is enough for my system?
A: 12V/2A power supply outputs total 24W power. You may convert 12V to 5V/3.3V in your system, you have to consider the power efficiency of DCDC converter, and the peak power of your system, leave at least 20% room based on the peak power.
Normally 12V/2A power supply is enough for most of EDATEC ‘s computers if no high power motor & magnetic switch are used in the system.
2.      Q:Why the logo of the package is EDATEC but the logo of the power supply is KTEC? What is the relationship between two companies?
A: 12V/2A power supply was designed by Kuantech Cooperate(KTEC), EDATEC sourced this product and supply to the global customers, Kuantech doesn’t offer the individual package for each unit, EDATEC designed a package box to protect the power supply. We will take the ownership of the technical support and after sale services.