Smart water platform
Xiamen Muyun-Smart Water Big Data Management System


At present, the development of smart water is still in the primary stage, and there are many problems. However, as an important part of smart city construction, smart water will play an increasingly prominent role in the future, improving the efficiency of enterprise operation and management, and improving the quality of life happiness. I believe that in the near future, the market space of smart water will show explosive growth.
The pain points and challenges of the industry:
1. The site is numerous and difficult to manage.
There are a large number of sites, wide geographical coverage and lack of concentration, so it is difficult to manage them in a unified and centralized way.

2. High cost and low efficiency.
There are many stations, and local professional and technical personnel are in short supply, so it is difficult to be unattended and regularly maintained, and the cost of guarding by special personnel is high.

3. The effect is poor and not intuitive.
Daily operations need to be managed through multiple platforms, and data cannot be communicated with each other, which makes it difficult to form an efficient data analysis mechanism.
The platform is numerous and the data is scattered:
The underground equipment can't be managed intuitively, the sewage carding process is complex and the real-time sewage treatment process is difficult to view and manage intuitively.
Solutions and Construction Goal:
Based on the Internet of Things, AI, big data and cloud platform technologies, a smart water big data operation and management platform is built to centrally manage water treatment plants and pumping stations scattered in different areas, and collect and analyze the site data through the edge computing gateway and upload it to the central server, thus realizing comprehensive digital management.

CM4 Sensing Edge Computing Gateway Performance:

1. Data access: It supports data transmission of various brands of PLC, 10W+ data transmission capability of IOT, 100% data authenticity and 99.9% access stability.

2. Multiple network functions: It supports Ethernet, WiFi and 4G network connection functions, and has all-weather and all-environment working ability.

3. Real-time edge computing: integrate edge computing capabilities, acquire and process data faster, reduce the cost of cloud services, reduce traffic loss, and realize security at the hardware level.
The CM4Sensing Edge Computing Gateway is extended from the Raspberry Pi CM4 core board, which supports high processing performance, lot of expansions and AI computing expansion.

◆  ARM A72 1.5Ghz,4 core,64bit
◆  Memory 1/2/4/8GB,eMMC 8/16/32GB
◆  4G/wifi/Ethernet
◆  RS232/RS485/CAN and Many kinds of industrial field protocols support.


Benefits of Smart Water Platform:
For enterprises, smart water can reduce operating costs, save a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources, reduce hidden dangers of accidents, give early warning to abnormal situations in time, respond quickly, realize linkage between information and data, get through all business process links, realize data sharing among various systems, realize intelligent decision-making of enterprises, dig deep into water data, give full play to the intelligent decision-making ability of data, and provide fast and effective decision-making support for enterprise business management. For cities, smart water can provide water work efficiency, promote the efficient development of urban water work, provide convenient livelihood services, improve residents' water safety and water supply quality, promote the establishment of smart cities, provide basic guarantee for smart cities to save environmental protection and be ecologically livable, promote social harmonious development, improve people's living quality, promote social stable development and build a harmonious society.