Electronics Design

EDATEC has over 20 years of deep domain expertise in schematic capture, layout, validation, test, and other areas of microelectronic design. With an extensive library of circuitries, layout stack-ups, modular test infrastructure and other re-usable hardware blocks, we can efficiently design complex and exceptionally reliable embedded hardware. Our in-house SMT assembly and Additive Manufacturing likewise enable fast turn of custom hardware, shortening design cycles. Engage our services to accelerate development, reduce risk and achieve exacting quality in end-application hardware.

We are capable to offer the custom design services based on all of Raspberry Pi technology platform including Compute Module 3+, Compute Module 4, Pi4B, Pi Zero 2 and RP2040. We offer the below custom design models:

◆ Rebranding
We understand the importance of building your brand. Our branding services not only help you improve the out-of-box experience you offer your customers, but enable you to personalize your hardware platform (PCB silk screen & enclosure) and packaging with the addition of your brand colors, logos, product name, and custom inserts.

 Hardware Optimization
We could offer the custom solutions based on our standard products, which don’t involve PCB redesign, we could add or remove some circuits on the standard boards.

 Hardware Adaptation 
Thanks to our modular hardware design (main board + a wide range of daughter board), EDATEC can offers quick semi-custom solutions to meet the specific requirements. A main board has built the most of the features of the computer and can meet 80% ~ 90% requirements of a specific application area. And a daughter board can provide flexibility to extend the hardware features. It makes easy to add some additional RS485 / RS232 / DI / DO / Relays / ADC channels.

We could offer the custom solutions based on our standard products, which don’t involve main board PCB redesign, but we could redesign a new daughter board that can meet your specific requirements.

 Software Development
EDATEC offers software engineering services to develop customized Board Support Packages for your specific application, including firmware, drivers, Linux BSP and advanced edge and cloud computing solutions.
 Fully Custom Design
We offer the complete custom design services based on your requirements, which will involve complete hardware design, software development, mechanical design & manufacturing.

 Compliance & Certifications
We also offer regulatory testing services, including EMC testing and Safety Testing. We support compliance with FCC (USA), ISED (Canada), CE (Europe:EMC Directive, Radio Equipment Directive), RCM (Australia/New Zealand).
We have experienced EMI professionals and engineers to help solve complex problems quickly and can provide rapid metal fabrication/modification options to ensure fast, efficient and low cost passage through testing.