Intelligent Photovoltaic
With the global energy crisis and the era theme of "carbon emissions peak, carbon neutrality", our efforts to develop renewable energy have become the main direction and concerted action of the global energy revolution and climate change response. In recent years, as an important renewable energy power generation technology, photovoltaic power generation has made rapid development, and has become a clean, low-carbon and competitive energy form in many countries. With the large-scale development of photovoltaic industry, which is mostly outdoors, in order to ensure the normal operation of photovoltaic power generation system, it is very important to monitor the photovoltaic power generation system for a long time by collecting the working state and power generation of inverters.
Solutions and construction goal:
Inverter data collector is a device that collects the data of photovoltaic grid-connected inverters, bus boxes, electricity meters and other devices in photovoltaic power stations by connecting RS485, RS232 and other communication protocols, and uploads them to the database by Ethernet, wifi, 4G and so on. It can not only monitor a single device, but also monitor multiple devices in large-scale photovoltaic power stations through RS485 bus. The monitoring objects include inverters, environmental detectors, photovoltaic junction boxes, electricity meters, etc. The data collector also has the function of receiving and executing network scheduling instructions.
The CM4 Sensing Edge Computing Gateway is extended from the Raspberry Pi CM4 core board, which supports high processing performance, lot of expansions and AI computing expansion.
◆  ARM A72 1.5Ghz,4 core,64bit
◆  Memory 1/2/4/8GB,eMMC 8/16/32GB
◆  4G/wifi/Ethernet
◆  Supports multiple RS485 interfaces to communicate with inverters, electricity meters or other photovoltaic devices.
◆  CAN interface bus is reserved to facilitate the expansion of energy storage management or other photovoltaic devices with CAN bus interface.

The Benefits of Online Monitoring of Intelligent Photovoltaic System:
The intelligent photovoltaic platform provides powerful data support, and the real-time status and historical data of the photovoltaic system can be presented graphically, which is intuitive, clear and easy to understand. Users can also customize the fault alarm mode, and know the abnormality and fault status of the system in time through real-time push. It can really help users to monitor photovoltaic systems anytime and anywhere, greatly simplifying the operation and maintenance work.