Intelligent Education

Application Overview:
In anticipation of the new wave of artificial intelligence, the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (IAAS) has developed an intelligent calligraphy experience desk, which can use real brushes to write on industrial displays, leading the concept of "Intelligent Calligraphy", and becoming an outstanding example of the fusion of artificial intelligence and traditional culture. As the calligraphy experience technology becomes more mature, the Institute of Automation plans to develop an intelligent desk that integrates calligraphy, literature and cultural education to meet the needs of calligraphy education, art education and humanities education in primary and secondary schools in the new era, and to provide a brand new intelligent solution for the education field.

System functional requirements:
1. high definition screen, superior light transmission
2. gentle brightness and color, to avoid glare
3. Support manual and automatic brightness adjustment
4. Pressure-resistant, wear-resistant, dustproof and waterproof design

Industrial principles and solutions:
In the era of "Internet +", intelligent education has become a new trend in the field of education. EDATEC’s industrial tablet PC is designed with high transparency, pressure-resistant and wear-resistant glass panel, which ensures that the pressure of students' arms when using it will not damage the device. In addition, it supports brightness adjustment, guaranteeing that the screen display is clear and eye-friendly. The bottom stroke lines are clearly visible and the smart copy function makes writing more convenient. By integrating the most advanced technology and software, EDATEC’s Industrial Tablet PC promotes Internet big data sharing education and provides strong support for realizing the new mode of modern teaching.

●  Adopts IPS LCD screen, presenting soft colors and filtering harmful blue light to reduce potential damage to eyesight.
●  Equipped with high-transparency anti-reflective glass to ensure clearer and more thorough calligraphy copying.
●  The front panel is made of reinforced glass with anti-scratch, pressure and abrasion resistance.
●  Supports intelligent adaptive brightness adjustment, or you can manually adjust the screen brightness.
●  The weight capacity is up to 30kg, even with this weight, the screen will not be damaged.
●  Designed with low power consumption and good heat dissipation, the silent structure effectively reduces the surface temperature of the machine and improves the user experience.