Automation system is to produce and deliver goods and services with minimal human intervention. The implementation of automation technologies, techniques and processes improve the efficiency, reliability, and/or speed of many tasks that were previously performed by humans. Automation is being used in a number of areas such as manufacturing, transport, utilities, defense, facilities & operations.

CM4 Industrial is designed for Industrial Automation system, which offers 2 channels RS485 interface to receive the data from the sensors or other equipment, 3 channels high precision ADC can directly convert the analog signals, two channels isolated I/O can detect the status of digital I/O, a SPDT relay can control high power actuators.

Dual CSI Camera interfaces allow the system to capture the real time image of the things, 4 powerful Cortex A72 CPU cores can implement machine identification arithmetic, it will make the automation system more intelligent.

CM4 Industrial offers both HDMI interface and DSI interface, the user can display the data through a big panel by HDMI interface or small LCD display by DSI interface.

On board 4G module, 1 channel Gigabit Ethernet & 1 channel 10/100 ethernet provide flexible connection with the server or cloud.