ED-GW1303S LoRaWAN Gateway Module

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- ED-GW1303S module is a new generation of LoRaWAN gateway module in mini-PCIe form-factor with SPI interfaces based on Semtech® SX1303 and SX1250. It features extremely low power consumption, outstanding performance with CE, FCC certified. 
- ED-GW1303S LoRaWAN gateway module support both US915 and EU868 frequency bands, enable you to have a wide-range of LoRaWAN frequency plans options to choose including EU868, US915, AS923, AS920, AU915, KR920, and IN865.
- ED-GW1303S is designed for M2M and IoT applications and can be widely applied in LPWAN gateway supported scenarios. It would be a perfect choice for you to significantly reduce the technical difficulties and time-consumption when developing the LoRa gateway devices, including LoRaWAN gateway, miner hotspots, etc.

◆ Block Diagram

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 Pinout Interfaces

Power Supply  This module must be supplied through the VCC_3V3 pins by a DC power.
SPI Interfaces  It’s SPI slave side and gives access to the configuration registers of SX1303.
GPS-PPS  This module includes the GPS_PPS input for received packets time-stamped and Fine timestamp.
RESET  It includes the RESET active-high input signal to reset the radio operations as specifiedby the SX1303 Specification.
Antenna RF Interface  The module have one RF interface over a standard UFL connector, The RF port supports both Tx and Rx, providing the antenna interface.

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