Strolling down the mountain gate, did you ever want to visit Shengsheng?
Round the col, a green grass, towering trees endless.
After the tree curved stone bridge, bridge behind two bent squatting in the lions.
When I look back, there is only a broken wall and a chipped red door, but it is deeply hidden.
It is so home mausoleum que!
Why use to sigh with emotion, and print a picture.
Half mountain, with high or low, thousands of swallows, around the temple flying.
The walls like battlements, the tunnels of white stone, the gates of yellow and green glazed tiles, are exquisitely carved.
In front of the building is the mountain sunset bright red, behind the horizon is the plain village trees, deep blue thick purple.
Blending together in the twilight.
Is it yuyu Qiong Building?
Is it Yao Gong Bei Que?
What's the point of searching for a poem and printing a picture?
Walking with my head bent, a line from a poem suddenly came to my mind.
"There are no bushes in the South of the Yangtze River in April.
Who is the author of what bitter memory, why bitter memory of this poem full text.
Only this has painted the family under the mountain!